My Approach: Deep Listening

Deep Listening begun with the philosophy that by being present and holding the attention for someone objectively, the unsaid gets heard, defences drop and the healing potential opens up naturally. Clients are treated to this experience through a combination of BodyTalk, breathwork and the guiding principle that “You matter” and you are here to learn and grow.

BodyTalk System

When things are not right, the best place to start is to explore within. BodyTalk is an energy medicine that is based on the model of living consciously. Meaning that life can be lived with full awareness so that it functions as is intended and to its full potential. All conditions and symptoms are a result of a breakdown in communication lines between cells and/or systems. Rather than diagnose, practitioners are trained to use a muscle feedback methodology to determine, via a clear comprehensive protocol approach to identify disrupted or compromised communication lines.  These can be emotional, physical or energetic and the BodyTalk approach, using the natural healing capabilities of the client, efficiently restores balance.

Breathwork: Buteyko Method

Breathing is fundamental to health yet easily compromised though stress patterns and environmental factors. To ensure that individuals can anchor back to this essential activity which than leads to improved circulation and clearer airways, Butekyo breathing methods are taught as a stand-alone 4 week program or are weaved into individual BodyTalk sessions.

The focus centers on nasal breathing, consciously slow down breath and encourage moving it go low into the diaphragm and build up air hunger tolerance. Whether it is child or an adult, within a matter of minutes, one can experience a deeper relaxation, more efficient utilisation of the respiratory system and improved circulation throughout the body.

Training the breath to normalise (vs irregular, vertical, deep breathing) can lead to improvements in asthma, rhinitis, anxiety, panic attacks, and sleep disorders.

Purposeful Living

Purpose, then, is not a job or a role or a goal. It is the belief that our lives, our part in the whole of things, truly matters. Having a profound sense of who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going, we choose to believe that mattering matters. It is thus a mindset—a choice. It is first and foremost the choice to choose ”life” despite the circumstances we find ourselves in.Richard J. LeiderThe Power of Purpose

Everyone has a space in this world and the potential to live purposeful and fulfilling lives. With a coaching methodology, clients can clarify their own goals in the process and obtain personal unique insights necessary for where they are in their life journey.