Discover and Learn

A 15min health routine using a simple set of energy-based techniques for health maintenance and management of health challenges. It can be learned in one day and applied over 15 mins regularly. Additionally, the workshop includes a Fast Aid protocol that is used during emergencies to bring the body out of shock and into the healing mode.


You will learn the following Techniques:


Reset your brain to improve the communication, connection and circulation between and within the right and left hemispheres. This improves focus and memory, calms and releases tension, setting things up for the other techniques to be applied.


Reset your stress threshold to keep calm and stop living in fight-or-flight mode.  Manage stress more effectively, and change how you respond to stress.  Improve decision-making, mood swings, mental confusion.


Balance the body’s ability to utilise water at a cellular level for improvement of physiological and biochemical processes in the cells, nerves, and organs.  Dehydration is not just dependent on how much water is consumed.

Body Chemistry

Give focus on the immune system to address allergies, over/ under-reactions, accumulated toxina and improve the partnership with your microbiome.


Finish off the Access routine with this technique which warps everything up by re-establishing the balance, alignment, posture, muscle tone, and energy flow of the entire musculoskeletal structure.  Improve response to injury, arthritis, circulation, spinal issues and chronic pain.


Fast Aid Technique

This additional yet essential technique for use during emergencies that is non-invasive, safe and simple. This draws on the knowledge of Cortices and Reciprocals. Can be used for both minor (cuts, sprains burns etc) and major emergencies (suspected heart attack, epilepsy, serious accidents) to complement other first aid or whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive.


Strengthen your immune system

Total Improvement

Mental clarity and improved posture and movement

Immediate Relief

Immediate relief for common aches & pain

Faster Recovery

Faster recovery from illnesses, injuries, birth, surgery and sports

Ailments Improvement

Gradual improvement to chronic ailments