About me

I was a HR professional after realising that pursuing a career in law was not the way to go for me. Being in the Oil and Gas industry and right at the heart of meeting the national and global energy needs was not only fascinating but purposeful. Leading teams, developing people, building and delivering business plans, facilitating change and holding uncomfortable conversations with the right tension felt exciting, meaningful and real. However, my own self expectations to be 110% both at home and at work, all the time led to feelings of inadequacy, overwhelm and  self-doubt at the height of my career. I was leaning in so much, that I fell off the bandwagon of balance. Somewhere along the way, I wasn’t meeting my own needs and probably didn’t know what those needs were anymore. I was frustrated, at a loss, felt disengaged and guilty I wasn’t doing better. Since I didn’t know better, I blamed everything else including myself instead.

Making unlikely connections and seeing possibilities regardless of the circumstances comes naturally to me. When I chanced upon a class (BodyTalk Access) to learn 5 simple tapping techniques that could be used as a healthcare routine for self and others, I signed up in hope of learning something about my own biology and how to make me feel better. This was not only empowering, it opened up the door to to bring my listening skills several notches deeper.

Pain and discomfort are invitations by our own system to discover something about ourselves. We do have to provide it some space and patience and sometimes it can take a lot of courage to look within because it is far from easy. I want many others to be able to explore this ability and discover the changes and benefits this approach offers so that we can live life more easily in this complex world. It is fully possible to move through life in a lighter and easier way without changing our circumstances or having more resources.