When things are not right outside, the best place to start is to explore within.

Deep Listening is a place where your bodymind can be truly heard for you to reconnect with yourself and experience profound healing. It’s a place where new possibilities can unfold from the breaking of old patterns.

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Discover the Power of Deep Listening: Transform Your Life and Navigate Complexity with Ease.

The unique approach of Deep Listening can significantly aid individuals in their journey towards self-discovery and healing. Deep Listening fosters a safe and attentive environment, allowing clients to explore their inner selves without judgment. By combining emotional, physical and physiological methods, Deep Listening provides individuals with the clarity and personal insights necessary to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

I work with both adults and children on a broad variety of issues:

  • For Executives who may be at junctions in their life and are going through overwhelm, feeling lost or disconnected from their lives;
  • For Adults and children rehabilitating from illness and injury or those struggling with anxiety and self-esteem issues;
  • For Differently-abled children, who have structural, cerebral or enteric system weaknesses/ injuries. Due to the challenges that non-neurotypical children face, and resources from the family unit required to provide the best possible environment for healing and development, it is not uncommon to find that family dynamics may also need to be addressed.


An experienced Executive Coach, Certified Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner and breathwork instructor.

San San Lee

Chief Listener @ Deep Listening


A HR professional by background, predominantly in Oil and Gas, I found being right at the heart of meeting the national and global energy needs fascinating and purposeful. Leading teams, developing people, building and delivering business plans, facilitating change and holding uncomfortable conversations with the right tension felt exciting, meaningful and real. However, my own self expectations to be 110% both at home and at work, all the time led to feelings of inadequacy, overwhelm and self-doubt at the height of my career.

Somewhere along the way, I wasn’t meeting my own needs and was not sure what those needs were. So I went on my own pursuit of learning how to listen my own physical and mental pain and be curious about why I felt empty and lost.

Making unlikely connections and seeing possibilities comes naturally to me, so when I chanced upon a class (BodyTalk Access) to learn 5 simple tapping techniques that could be used as a healthcare routine for self and others, I signed up in hope of learning something about the bodymind interplay and how to feel better. This opened up the door to exploring how psychology meets energy and biology. It has been a conscious continuous learning and personal growth journey ever since then. 

I set up Deep Listening Enterprise in 2016 to empower individuals and families to listen to themselves, leading to re-connecting internally, navigating health and relationship challenges and getting back onto the wellness path. 


Deep Listening

Deep Listening begun with the philosophy that by being present and holding the attention for someone objectively, the unsaid gets heard, defences drop and the healing potential opens up naturally. Clients are treated to this experience through a combination of BodyTalk, breathwork and the guiding principle that “You matter” and you are here to learn and grow.

BodyTalk System - Repair, Restore and Update Your Body Mind

Health challenges arise for a variety of reasons. BodyTalk takes into consideration your whole-story. Your life-style, genetics and history are all drawn upon to establish a personalized approach to Healthcare that brings about lasting changes. Practitioners are trained to use a muscle feedback methodology together with a structured protocol to determine disrupted communication lines. These may be emotional, physical or energetic and through the BodyTalk approach, using the natural healing capabilities of the client, efficiently restores balance.

Restores unique balance

Patterns of good health

Resilience to respond

Self awareness

Deep insight

Breathwork: Buteyko Method

Breathing is fundamental to health yet easily compromised though stress patterns and environmental factors. To ensure that individuals can anchor back to this essential activity which than leads to improved circulation and clearer airways, Butekyo breathing methods are taught as a stand-alone 4 week program or are weaved into individual BodyTalk sessions.

The focus centers on nasal breathing, consciously slowing down breath, bringing it down into the diaphragm and encourage moving it go low into the diaphragm and build up air hunger tolerance. Whether it is a child or an adult, within a matter of minutes, one can experience a deeper relaxation, more efficient utilisation of the respiratory system and improved circulation throughout the body.

Training the breath to normalise (vs irregular, vertical, deep breathing) can lead to improvements in asthma, rhinitis, anxiety, panic attacks, and sleep disorders.

Purposeful Living

“Purpose, then, is not a job or a role or a goal. It is the belief that our lives, our part in the whole of things, truly matters. Having a profound sense of who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going, we choose to believe that mattering matters. It is thus a mindset—a choice. It is first and foremost the choice to choose ”life”despite the circumstances we find ourselves in.” – Richard J. Leider (The Power of Purpose)

Everyone has a space in this world and the potential to live purposeful and fulfilling lives. With a coaching methodology, clients can clarify their own goals in the process and obtain personal unique insights necessary for where they are in their life journey.


BodyTalk recognises that each system of healthcare and each practitioner have a unique knowledge and skill set. BodyTalk is designed to integrate all fields of healthcare to create a complete approach to health and wellbeing. This includes referring a client onto another Healthcare practitioner or field of healthcare when necessary



Mental health @ work

Cortices on others

Cortices on self

BodyTalk Access Workshop

A 15min health routine using a simple set of energy-based techniques for health maintenance and management of health challenges. It can be learned in one day and applied over 15 mins regularly. Additionally, the workshop includes a Fast Aid protocol that is used during emergencies to bring the body out of shock and into the healing mode. Learn the following techniques in myDeepLearning access class:


Reset your brain to improve the communication, connection and circulation between and within the right and left hemispheres. This improves focus and memory, calms and releases tension, setting things up for the other techniques to be applied.


Reset your stress threshold to keep calm and stop living in fight-or-flight mode. Manage stress more effectively, and change how you respond to stress. Improve decision-making, mood swings, mental confusion.


Balance the body’s ability to utilise water at a cellular level for improvement of physiological and biochemical processes in the cells, nerves, and organs. Dehydration is not just dependent on how much water is consumed.

Body Chemistry

Give focus on the immune system to address allergies, over/ under-reactions, accumulated toxina and improve the partnership with your microbiome.


Finish off the Access routine with this technique which warps everything up by re-establishing the balance, alignment, posture, muscle tone, and energy flow of the entire musculoskeletal structure. Improve response to injury, arthritis, circulation, spinal issues and chronic pain.

Fast Aid Technique

This additional yet essential technique for use during emergencies that is non-invasive, safe and simple. This draws on the knowledge of Cortices and Reciprocals. Can be used for both minor (cuts, sprains burns etc) and major emergencies (suspected heart attack, epilepsy, serious accidents) to complement other first aid or whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive.


How Do People Benefit from Deep Listening


Sesi body talk bersama San San selalu dibutuhkan. Selalu ada new experience, new thoughts, relieve & reenergy 💓 Thank you San San


I want to spread the beauty that is BodyTalk and hopefully help some people along the way as much as you and Britt have helped me through some very difficult, challenging and particularly painful times in my stroke recovery journey. Thank you. And after attending the Access class: thank you so very much for a very informative worthwhile course on techniques that I know I’ll at least be using on myself but also hopefully my wife and children if they ever and god forbid they may need someday

Yanie B

Thanks San San. I really like this Access method. Since last Monday, I do the whole set every morning, and whenever my energy feel heavy (feeling like tired and something pressure on my head and whole body). The energy shift is really a game changer for me. So amazing how I can feel the immediate change after the whole set of body access. My body feel lighter and calm. What i love the most, this method is easy and fast which I can do anytime whenever I need without any extra tools needed.


I always look forward to my sessions with San San. Previously I had tried out talk therapy for ~2 years, but it was not effective after a point. I had been looking for alternative therapies to heal and grow, and Body Talk has been really good in helping me get some answers I didn’t know I needed. I also appreciate the calm energy San San brings, and the way she makes it a point to explain why she does or suggests things (it helps me manage my own anxieties and doubts).

Jeanne T

I’m so glad for having learnt BodyTalk Access. When I got covid I just lay in bed and tap tap tap since I cannot do much else. I think it really helped to make me feel better quicker. Also last week I noticed my right lymph node under the armpit seemed swollen compared to the left. Was wondering who I could go see about it, but it dawned on me to try Fast Aid first. So I did Fast aid for that part. The next morning the swelling was gone. 😊


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